What is ED?

What is ED?

What is ED?
Dr. Gheiler founded the international Urology Specialists Miami Center over a decade ago to help prevent, diagnose, and treat ED erectile dysfunction for men around the world. [more]

What are the ED medications?

What are the ED medications?
ED medications range from the natural alternative medications, such as supplements, holistic herbs and Chinese medicines, to Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. [more]

What is an ED penile prosthesis?

What is an ED penile prosthesis?
The penile implant comes in either an inflatable or a flexible version which is used by men with vasculogenic impotence. [more]

What is ED?

What is ED? ED is short for erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, which is the inability to get an erection or maintain an erection. What is the erectile dysfunction prognosis, with today's medicine? Fortunately, today's prevention, diagnostics, medicines, and surgical practices allow for the vast majority of men to prevent and overcome the inability to get or maintain an erection.

“What is ED” is a website to explain erectile dysfunction from erectile dysfunction causes, symptoms, and prevention, to supplements, diagnostics, medicines, appliances, implants, and natural alternative medicine options. "What is ED" has been created by the Urology Specialists, a world renowned comprehensive urology center that has treated thousands of men for impotence causes of all types over the last decade. “What is ED” also offers an Ask the Doctor blog for specific questions that you may have. Our dropdown menu can bring you to the different pages that cover: What is ED caused by? What is ED diagnosed with, what are the best ED medications? And what is an ED penile prosthesis? “What is ED” is also peppered with hyperlinks that will bring you to our other urology websites. Dr. Edward Gheiler the founder of the Urology Specialists Center and his team of urologists have men coming from all around the world for the best erectile dysfunction solutions and diagnostics, while they relax in the ambience of Miami Florida.

“What is ED” will describe common terms that may be related to ED such as many urinary symptoms, types of urologic surgery, as well as general medical disorders. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction falls under the heading of “ageing” and this is because many medical problems (that also affect the flow of blood to the penis) present themselves later in life. ED (erectile dysfunction) can also be caused earlier in life by obesity, medications, neurological disorders, accidents, prostate surgery, bladder surgery, alcohol, and drug use. What is impotence for one man may be different for another since the blood flow causing the vasculogenic impotence can be caused from many different things.

Erectile dysfunction is determined by testing the blood flow to the penis and the ability to keep blood in the penis with an ultrasound test. Once the urologist confirms the degree of the blood flow problem, the patient and doctor Gheiler can decide which approach they would like to take to bring back a healthy happy sexual experience. If vasculogenic impotence is diagnosed then a penis surgery for the installation of a malleable penis implant, or penile surgery for the installation of an inflatable penile prosthesis can be performed with a quick 20 minute outpatient procedure.

“What is ED?” will also give you information on many other facets of erectile dysfunction solutions such as pumps, rings, enlargement, urethral suppositories, penile injections, penis fracture, papules, Muse, and more. Because overall health is directly related to the incidence of impotence, prevention and natural medicine are also offered along with the most modern technology that medicine has to offer at our international Urology Specialists Center. For those that prefer to start their ED treatments with a more natural approach, the Urology Specialists have built a new Natural Alternative Medicine Center right next to the world famous Urology Specialists Medical Center. For those of you online, our Ask the Doctor Blog also addresses holistic medicine and we answer the most frequently asked questions about natural alternative medicine which include:

  • How can I diet,
  • How can i be healthy,
  • What is alternative medicine,
  • What is acupuncture,
  • What is homeopathy,
  • What are natural remedies
  • Chinese medicines and how can i lose weight to improve blood flow to the penis and for penile enlargement.
    To get the best erectile dysfunction analysis and the full array of ED solutions you can request an appointment online, or call us at (305) 822-7227. You can also visit our natural alternative medicine website and order natural medicine supplements for erectile dysfunction, for urinary tract infection, for BPH, for kidney stones, for vitality, for prostatitis, for impotence, for urinary incontinence, and for weight loss, To find out more about the best Urology Specialists and our Miami medical facility continue to the next page.


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What is ED?
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